All Seasons Tree Services LLC Policies and Procedures

  1. Liability Disclaimer: All Seasons Tree Services LLC is not responsible for any damage to lawns caused by trees and/or equipment. We strive to prevent such damage by using plywood or arborist mats in special circumstances.
  2. Lawn Repair: In some cases, we will install topsoil and grass seed in areas where lawn damage occurred or where divots/ruts were left from the tree/wood or equipment (at our discretion).
  3. Damage Prevention: To minimize damage, we rope down tree debris or wood/logs based on our discretion or what was discussed with you under individual circumstances.
  4. Stump Grinding: Stump grinding is not included with any services unless written and a price quoted. The price for stump grinding only includes the grinding itself and not the removal of mulch/grindings. The removal of grindings can be quoted separately and is an additional cost.
  5. Payments: Payment is due upon job completion. Accepted forms of payment include cash, check, money order, or credit card. Payments can be mailed to All Seasons Tree Services LLC at PO Box 24911, Rochester, NY 14624. If immediate payment is not available, we will arrange for your preferred form of payment. If paying by bank or credit card, we can email an invoice via QuickBooks. Please inform us of your preferred payment method. A 4% convenience fee is added for any credit/bank card payments.
  6. Taxes: An 8% service tax is added to all estimates unless a capital improvement is completed.
  7. Non-Payment: Any non-payment after 30 days will be forwarded to collections and may result in a property lien/judgment being placed on the property for completed work at the address on file.
  8. Insurance: We can provide proof of general liability insurance coverage for any jobs and also carry a separate New York Workers’ Compensation coverage policy.
  9. Scheduling: Once a job is approved, we typically schedule all jobs within 1 to 2 weeks based on availability. Priority is given to emergency jobs, and we offer immediate/same-day services when needed.
  10. Free Estimates: We offer free estimates. Text or call (585-633-8363). We offer discounts to seniors, first responders, and military personnel.
  11. Deposits: We do not take deposits for jobs. Instead, we offer a 5-star rated reputation and trusted services.
  12. Expectations: Once you approve a job, we will contact you to schedule it a week to a few days in advance and provide a timeframe for arrival. The day prior, please ensure the work area is clean/clear, and any pet waste, lights, personal property, lawn ornaments/decorations are moved to a safe location. For permanent objects, we will use safety precautions to protect them. If access is needed in driveways or on the street, please park in another location. We work in all seasons, including rain and snow, and rarely reschedule jobs unless conditions are unsafe due to extreme rain, lightning, or high winds.
  13. Job Accessibility: We have the equipment and expertise to access and perform jobs in difficult areas, including climbing, using lifts, and bucket trucks.
  14. Referrals: Our greatest compliment is a referral from you. Please tell your family, friends, and neighbors about us to receive special discounts.

Additional Information:

  • Grinding stumps creates additional mulch/grindings, which can be excessive if all roots/stump are removed. Many clients use the grindings as natural mulch for their yard/garden.
  • We handle thousands of pounds of massive trees, so please understand and be respectful as we will do the same.

Terms (specified on estimate):

  • Cut Flush: Cutting the tree trunk as close to the ground as safely possible.
  • Grind Stump: Grinding the tree stump and roots, leaving grindings.
  • Cut and Leave: Cutting the tree or branches down and leaving them where they land; no cleanup or removal is included.
  • Cut into Manageable Sizes: Cutting into 3 to 4-foot lengths.
  • Removal of Wood/Debris: Does not include removing stump grindings.
  • Cleanup: Leaving the work area clean (raked/blown off) similar to or better than when we arrived.
  • Powerline Drops: We hire a professional electrician to remove the power service cable at your home, then perform the job safely and reinstall the power lines after completion. No need to wait weeks or months for the utility company to come out to perform this service.